Rules & Conditions

Syco Escape Room Rules - Yeah we do!

Hello and welcome to Syco Escape Rooms.  We’re glad you’re joining us!

Before starting your adventure, we’d like to share some rules with you.

Each game will be monitored by a game master who is either in the room with you or is watching via a video camera.   You play the escape room at your own consent and risk;  Syco Escape Rooms will not be held liable.

You have up to 60 minutes to figure out all the clues in the room, solve all the puzzles and exit the room.  The door you enter will not be locked and you may exit through that door at any time during your game.  However, your 60 minute timer will continue to run and you will not be given extra time.   Our prison cells have an emergency bypass mechanism.  If your team uses that mechanism, your game time will not be considered for our “fastest times” leader board.

Escape rooms are meant to test your mental flexibility, not your physical strength.  Do NOT force anything to move or attempt to take pictures or furnishings off the walls.  Do not bang on, kick or climb on anything.  Rough housing is not permitted.  If you are destructive, your game will end and you will be asked to leave.

Props and lock boxes are fragile and should be handled with care.  Once you open a lock and box, please leave the lock next to the box.  Do not attempt to re-lock the lock.  

NEVER climb on furniture, attempt to move furniture or lift someone up to reach something high.  While some clues may be high on a wall, you are never required to REACH or touch or move something that is over 6 ft from the floor.  Do not lift or remove ceiling tiles.  

The fire extinguishers, wall light switches, lights, emergency lights and electrical outlets are REAL.  Do NOT touch them.  Do NOT put anything into an electrical outlet.  Do not remove anything from an electrical outlet.  None of these items are part of your game.  If you see an orange dot on it, do NOT touch it!

Sober play is required.  You will not be allowed into the room if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or you appear to be a danger to yourself or others.

You will be allowed 3 clues while in the room.  Use these wisely and only when you feel really stuck.  In order to get a clue, everyone in your party must agree that you want a clue by raising their hand.  Once the game master sees all the hands in the air, the clue will be displayed on the monitor in your room or given to you by the game master within the room.

Please turn off your cell phones.  Cameras, video recordings and audio recordings are not allowed inside the Escape Rooms.  

Teamwork and communication are keys to your success.  Work together, share ideas and have fun!

With your consent, we will ask to take a couple pictures of you and your team after the game and put them on our official website and/or Facebook page.

After leaving Syco Escape Rooms, please remember: DO NOT share information about the puzzles and clues with others so that they can enjoy the experience as much as you did.

Good luck!