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The Hottest Trend in Team-Building

Whether it’s in the corporate office or out on the sports field, great teams have special traits that set them up for success. Cooperation is key. So are communication, shared purpose, and the ability to work together when push comes to shove. Escape rooms unlock your team’s full potential by challenging them to engage in all of the above during their cooperative race against time.

Beyond the Trust Fall

Part of what makes escape rooms great is that they don’t feel like traditional team-building exercises. On top of all their important benefits, escape rooms are simply fun and engaging for players. A controlled yet high-stakes environment provides just the right level of challenge and excitement. This is a large reason escape rooms have found success with all kinds of teams – from youth sports, to crews at Amazon, Ford, and Home Depot.

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Why Escape Rooms Work

Escape rooms bring out the best attributes of successful teams:


Complex puzzles require multiple sets of eyes and hands. By design, team members will be called to rely on each other to succeed!

Problem Solving

Along the way, teams will encounter new and surprising challenges. Their critical thinking & adaptability will be put to the test.


Pieces of tasks and puzzles are distributed among different people. Coordination is a MUST to overcome these challenges.


With the clock counting down, teams must withstand pressure and make clutch decisions together to escape in time.

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Psychologists say escape rooms provide greater “team-building benefit” than other activities.


The Chicago Tribune says they are “perhaps the go-to team-building activity.”


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